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Celebrating 10 Years of Resiliency, Responsibility and Responsiveness

In June 2022, Dawson Wales will celebrate our 10th Anniversary as a Ontario established company. During those 10 years, our company has grown, evolved and navigated through challenging times to operate within the favorable environment we enjoy today.

Time is certainly one indicator of our resiliency. Another is that as we stand today, we have the strongest portfolio and balance sheet in our history, created and cared for by a talented team that is central to our valuable operating platform.

We are pleased to publish our first report which provides us with another means of communicating and engaging with our shareholders and stakeholders. We hope this letter provides you with an increased understanding of our views and practices related to corporate responsibility. So many of these aspects have been a part of our culture for many years – including the resiliency of our portfolio, energy and other resource management, construction practices, governance, a positive and diverse working environment for our valued team, and engagement with our tenants, communities, investors and other stakeholders.

Thank you for your continuing interest in Dawson Wales. We look forward to keeping you apprised of our efforts and activities through future reports as well as through our social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter and our corporate website


Dongming Wu | President

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Dongming Wu
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Maggie Cheung
Han Hao.jpeg
Executive Vice President of Operation
Alex Hao
Vice President of Client Service
Lukas Jocius
Vice President of Partnership 
Ray Kim
Vice President of Construction
Trevor Haper
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